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Should you recognize on this page the name of your former teacher, you  may wonder whether it is just coincidence. Is this the guy who prompted you to analyze counterpoint in Steinbeck's texts, hidden voices in Melville's, or thematic overlay in Updike’s? Who wrote the story of the Green People to provide students with an experience of choral work, projects and tramas in the classroom? Maybe at the time you decided that he did not approach language only as a linguist, but also as a musician. He would be happy to know you did.

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Brief Bio

Ramon Ribé was born in Valls (Catalonia, Spain). He took piano lessons from an early age. Still very young, he started composing and directing choirs. In the difficult days of the dictatorship, he made his living as a teacher in state highschools and in the English Dep. at the University of Barcelona. Author of books an articles on education and FLT in English, Catalan and Spanish. Composer of choral, solo voice and instrumental works. For more detailed information, click here.