“Alone I cross forests of age - while echoes bound in the deep vale ...” (from the Epilogue)
Ramon chose Johan Sebastian Bach, a composer he admires, for a frank exchange of views on things when
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Converses amb J.S.B.

Comments and opinions

In the program for the opening in Sant Llorenç and in the Cathedral of Barcelona, Mestre Josep Olivella wrote: Ramon's composition is a layman's reflection, candid and truthful, on the bigger issues of life. A unifying factor between the 4 segments of the piece is a style of music we are all familiar with because it deliberately adopts Bach's language, form and mannerisms. It's music that lifts itself from the ground elegant and everchanging, powered by a craving that the genius of Bach inspires. The dialogue between the two musicians is visible throughout but mostly in the central "Entertainment and Fugue", in which the two pianos maintain a music dialogue and interplay full of overlappings and interruptions. The lyrics convey explicitedly the inner voice of the composer [...]. Antonieta Prats, teacher and specialist in Spanish literature, presented the “Converses“ at the concert Tot Bach led by Mr. Constantí Sotelo. When you first read the poem, you are surprised by the selection of short words and expressions, many of them monosyllables, and by the simple and repetitive syntax, a transparent layer that lets us have a glimpse through to the depth of its content. A second reading reveals a poet with a constantly seeking and observant mind, in a quest for landmarks (he asks for the North, the South, the East and the light, his brothers, "his" country, "his" threshold, and more). He knows he has to pay attention to everything he sees ("my heart tells me we should pay heed - to stirring songs of wind and sea"), is aware that his is a long and solitary walk ("alone I cross forests of age"). In a suggestive language rich with literary resources the poem slowly unveils that the true meaning of the poet’s existence can only be uncovered with the help of the purest of human feelings -love. Publishd by Peripheriamusic