“Alone I cross forests of age - while echoes bound in the deep vale ...” (from the Epilogue)
Ramon chose Johan Sebastian Bach, a composer he admires, for a frank exchange of views on things when
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1. Prelude

In the unveiled   light of the morn my senses take wings   and rise, airborne. Paths to explore,   new skies to soar A lighthouse stands   beyond the shore. Harken the sounds    of yonder lands those secret words    that lead me far.
2. Chorale Songs of the sea     and forest pleas, Voice of the wind,      of love all speak Tell me, my friends,      where can I seek My north, my south     my destiny? Why such a peaceful,   gentle space When my whole heart  wishes for change? Through city noise,    turmoil and strife, I search the signs    that be my guide Tell me, my friends,    where can I find Sweet love and light,    my fellow kind? My country`s cry,    my journey’s end, My own first steps,   my final quest My present time,   future and past, My ancients’ land,   a door ajar Rivers of time,    they plough the flesh Nobody knows   where they will mesh My heart tells me    we should pay heed To stirring songs    of wind and sea

3. Divertimento & fugue


4. Epílogue

Alone I cross   forests of age while echoes bound    in the deep vale. No clear path,     no way ahead, just wishfulness,    just eagerness. Seeking an aim,    horizons bright. A sweet gaze,   a leading light. Oh, love, where are   your laws and signs, Your  guiding star,   your heart’s desire? Open your eyes,   give me your hand, As one we’ll walk   to a promised land. My heart tells me   we should pay heed To stirring songs   of wind and sea

from Conversations with J.S.B.

English translation: Maria González-Davies