“Alone I cross forests of age - while echoes bound in the deep vale ...” The compositions I wrote in the old days are only a memory shared with the adolescence friends still around me. They ranged from little piano compositions (I adored Grieg) to choral music (mostly religious, given the school environment we were part of). Being a retired person, I have the time and the passion to go back humbly to what was my main dream then. I particularly enjoy writing for choirs, but also for piano and other instruments. Some of my latest compositions are: Converses amb Joan Sebastian Bach (2009). Choir, soprano solo and two pianos. Published. Cançó de bressol (2010).  Choir, soprano solo and small orchestra. Published.  Bruixa de dol (2010) Choir, soprano solo, piano. Published. Res no et serà pres (2010)      Four soloists or chamber choir and piano. Published. Cantata de Nadal (2011).  Choir, soprano and tenor solos, piano. La lliçó (2011)    Piano 4 hands or two pianos. Raval d'amor (2011). Soprano solo, piano. Què s'emporta, la mar? (2011). Soprano solo, piano. Cantata de Nadal (2011) Choir, solos, piano / orchestra. Senyora de la llum (Oratorio) (2011-12) Choir, soprano, organ, orchestra Wandrers Nachtlied / Calma nocturna (2012) Duo soprano, mezzosoprano, piano (orchestra*). Brida (2012) Soprano solo, piano. Enyoro aquells temps (aria) (2012) Tenor, piano (orchestra *). L’havíem d’estimar (aria) (2012) Soprano, orchestra. L’he vist de lluny (aria) (2012) Soprano, piano (orchestra *) * orchestra version under way.